About MHZ

MHZ develops, produces and installs custom made solutions in the machine building industry. Custom made machine building! We produce solutions from A to Z.

Machine factory for total solutions and installation parts

MHZ was founded in 1969 under the name ‘Metaalbedrijf H.G. Zwienenberg’. Over the years MHZ has developed into a very versatile machine factory. We offer engineering, machine construction, various product operations, control, assembly and mounting. In 2000 the name was changed to Machinefabriek Henk Zwienenberg (MHZ). We produce machine constructions, complete machines and installations.

Partnership Aerolift and UBO

MHZ has a partnership with Aerolift Industrials B.V. and UBO Engineering B.V. Aerolift designs customised (vacuum) lifting solutions for various industries. UBO is one of the main suppliers of machines and installations for the concrete industry. As machine factory MHZ produces machines for both Aerolift and UBO. MHZ also takes care of the commissioning at customers all over the world.

Within the Benelux we also provide assembly, maintenance, service and trouble shooting of the rebar machines for a company called Pedax.

Certifications MHZ

At MHZ we comply with various certifications to ensure our customers high quality:

  • ISO 3834-2
    With this certificate we prove to provide high quality welding construction. Every year we are audited by Loyd’s. So you are always assured of welding of the highest quality! The certificate also shows that we safely weld for critical sectors, such as heavy lifting and offshore.
    With this standard we show that our staff is trained to perform inspections on electrical equipment.

More information about our customised machine construction?

Contact our team without obligation. We will be happy to think along with you about possible solutions for your project. Send a mail to mail@mhzbv.nl or call +31 (0) 547 333 305.